Retirement Ceremony for Admiral Kurt W. Tidd and USSOUTHCOM Change of Command Ceremony

On 26 November 2018, the Chairman of the US Joint Chief of Staff, General Joseph F. Dunford (Marines) presided the retirement ceremony of Admiral Kurt Tidd. He leaves the Navy after 40 years of distinguished service.
Later that day, the Secretary of Defense, General (R) James N. Mattis presided the US Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) change of command ceremony between Admiral Kurt W. Tidd and Admiral Craig S. Faller.
The three leaders of the IADB participated at these prestigious ceremonies alongside Chiefs of Defense Staff, Commanders of Combatant Commands and of Services, Ambassadors, etc., like General Cienfuegos of SEDENA, Admiral Soberon of SEMAR, General Mejia of Colombia, among many others.