Promoting and Strengthening Hemispheric Confidence and Security.

The Inter-American Defense Board was born in an international context characterized by the confrontation of States of the Hemisphere against extra-regional powers, in the context of the Second World War.

Resolution XXXIX, of the Third Meeting of Consultation of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, held in 1942, recommended "the immediate meeting, in Washington, of a commission composed of military or naval technicians appointed by each of the Governments, to study and "suggest the necessary measures for the defense of the Continent."

The Special Commission of the Directing Council of the former Pan American Union made a decision on the duration of the mandate of the Board by stating, in its report of February 16, 1942, that it "will be permanent and will perform its functions for the duration of the Board." current emergency.

The Inter-American Defense Board was formally established on March 30, 1942, when the First Plenary Session took place, in the Hall of the Americas of the Pan American Union, current Main Building of the OAS. In that place, the provisional headquarters of the Inter-American Defense Board was established.

At the Inter-American Conference on Problems of War and Peace, held in Mexico City, from February 21 to March 8, 1945, it was recommended "that the Inter-American Defense Board continue as an organ of inter-American defense until it is established." the permanent body provided for in this Recommendation.

It was at the Ninth International American Conference, held in Bogotá, from March 30 to May 2, 1948, where the character of the Inter-American Defense Board was finally defined and the permanence of the Inter-American Defense Board was made official, as well as including the budget of the Secretariat of Defense. the Board in that of the Organization.

In view of the need to expand the doctrine and knowledge on the security and defense of the Hemisphere, in 1962, the Council of Delegates of the Board approved the creation of the Inter-American Defense College, incorporated as an organ of the IADB on December 9. July 1964, with its facilities located at Fort Lesley McNair, Washington DC

During the XXXII Special Session, the OAS General Assembly approved the Statute of the Inter-American Defense Board, through resolution AG/RES.1 (XXXII-E/06), on March 15, 2006. At this time , the IADB was defined as an OAS entity and modified its organizational structure into three bodies: the Council of Delegates; the Secretariat and the Inter-American Defense College.

The main purpose of the IADB is to provide the OAS and its member states with technical, consultative and educational advisory services on matters related to military and defense issues in the Hemisphere, in order to contribute to compliance with the OAS Charter.

The IADB already had its provisional headquarters in the Pan American Union Building, in March 1942, followed by the Federal Reserve Building, from April 1942 to September 1944, the New Department Building, from September 1944 to May 1947, and finally the American Institute of Archtectsitut Building, from May 1947 to August 1949. The building located at 2600 16th Street, NW has been the headquarters of the IADB since September 1949, called "Casa del Soldado."


Founded in 1962, the Inter-American Defense College (CID) is the academic entity of the Inter-American Defense Board (IADB), an entity that operates independently of the Organization of American States (OAS). Housed by the United States Government at Fort Lesley J. McNair in Washington, DC, the CID was officially dedicated on October 9, when Secretary of State Dean Rusk presented the building and furnishings on behalf of the United States Government. . Doctor José A. Mora, then Secretary General of the OAS, spoke at the opening ceremony. Our first class consisted of 29 students representing 15 countries in the Western Hemisphere.

The CID operates with a Permanent License of the “Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC)” of the District of Columbia and is accredited by “Middle States Commission on Higher Education”.


• Sustain academic excellence in developing strategic leaders while strengthening teaching and research capabilities.

• Improve the strategic value of institutional associations and value relationships with alumni.

• Prioritize the diversity and breadth of institutional participation and influences.

• Improve the sustainability of institutional processes and mission-driven resource alignment.


Prepare military officers, national police, and civilian government officials of OAS member states to assume high-level strategic positions within their governments, through postgraduate and advanced-level academic programs in defense, security, and related disciplines focused on the hemisphere.

 Vision Maintain our status as the main joint, interinstitutional, intergovernmental and multinational academic institution in Defense and Security studies in the Hemisphere. "The best".



The Inter-American Defense Board (IDB) was created in 1942 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during the Third Meeting of Consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the 21 American Republics. The inaugural session of the IADB takes place on March 30, 1942 in Washington DC, United States.


New premises of the Board in the New War Department Building. Current headquarters of the Department of State.


Lieutenant General Matthew B. Ridgway speaking before the Inter-American Defense Board, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Board – March 1947.


JID rented the house with an option to purchase. SEP 27, 1949: first Plenary Session of the IADB in the new headquarters.


The regulations were reviewed, leading to the creation of the Inter-American Defense College (CID) as an organ of the IADB in 1964.


The remodeling of the “Palacio Rosado” facilities ended in 1987. After this, the building acquired the name “Casa del Soldado”, which is the current headquarters of the IADB.


Approval of the new statute of the IADB at the XXXII Extraordinary General Assembly, through which it was established as an entity of the OAS. On March 15, 2006, as the Inter-American Defense Board turned 64 years since it was founded, through resolution 1 (XXXII-E/06) of the General Assembly, it was established that the IADB is an entity of the OAS based on the art. 53 of the Charter of said Organization and approves in the first plenary session the statutes that will govern the new entity. Thus, the IADB's purpose is to "provide the OAS and its Member States with technical, consultative and educational advisory services on issues related to military and defense matters in the Hemisphere to contribute to compliance with the Charter of the OAS.


Current Soldier's House.

On March 30, 2024, the IADB turned 82 years old, consolidating itself as the oldest multinational defense institution in the world.