Promoting and Strengthening Hemispheric Confidence and Security.

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International cooperation

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Because it is important?

Through the International Organizations Section, the agreements and agreements between the Inter-American Defense Board and external organizations are administered, establishing the bases of reciprocal cooperation for the promotion and conduct of studies, scientific research and activities of mutual interest on topics related to military and defense; Likewise, it contributes to the interaction and cooperation with subregional and regional organizations such as the Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas (CMDA), Conference of the American Armies (CEA), Inter-American Naval Conference (CNI), System of Cooperation between the Forces American Air Forces (SICOFAA), Conference of the Central American Armed Forces (CFAC), the Caribbean Regional Security System (RSS) and the South American Defense Council (CDS).



What do we do?

We facilitate the IADB to strengthen its ties with similar organizations, centers of study and thought, armed forces and specialized conferences (Conference of the Ministers of Defense of the Americas-CMDA, Conference of the American Armies-CEA, Inter-American Naval Conference-CNI and American Air Force Cooperation System-SICOFAAA).

How do we do it?

  • Update of the institutional memory of the Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas
  • Disseminating specialized conferences and the activities they develop.
  • Making links of interest between the Divisions and Sections of the IADB with similar organizations, centers of study and thought, armed forces and specialized conferences.
  • Preparation and/or updating of cooperation agreements with said entities.
  • Participation in the activities of hemispheric and subregional conferences in order to collect and disseminate lessons learned and good practices.

Who do we do it with?

  • Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas.
  • Similar organizations and international disaster response and humanitarian aid organizations.
  • Centers of studies and thoughts.
  • Armed forces of member and observer countries.

achievements in International cooperation:

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