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New technologies

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Because it is important?

New technology activity plays a critical role in defense and security, as technologies advance rapidly, shaping military and security strategies around the world. Constantly monitoring these developments is crucial to ensuring that our nations are adequately prepared to confront emerging threats and protect our national interests.

What do we do?

In the New Technologies Section, an integral part of the Technical Services Division of the Inter-American Defense Board, our activities cover several key areas. We establish and maintain a solid network of contacts between Member States and relevant bodies, promoting collaboration and the exchange of information. In addition, we encourage the creation and dissemination of regular reports, magazine articles and awareness campaigns on issues related to new technologies, providing a broader understanding of these issues.

How do we do it?

Our approach is based on cooperation and the continuous search for knowledge. We work closely with Member States, academia and technology experts to keep our network of contacts and information up to date. In addition, we organize seminars and videocasts on new technologies, providing a space for discussion and analysis of the most recent technological trends.

Who do we do it with?

Our efforts are carried out in collaboration with the member states of the Inter-American Defense Board, academia and other organizations specialized in technology and defense. We believe this collaboration is essential to meet ever-evolving technological challenges.

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