Promoting and Strengthening Hemispheric Confidence and Security.
Vice president

Carlos G. Bazan Barrios

Brigadier General Carlos Gustavo, born in Asunción, Paraguay; He entered the Armed Forces in January 1989, being named Cadet of the Army Communications Arm in 1990 and successfully completing his studies, graduating with a Bachelor of Military Sciences at the “Mcal Francisco Solano López” Military Academy in 1992. He was appointed to serve in the Army Communications Command where he served as Platoon, Company, Battalion Commander, Commander of the Communications School, Director of the Higher Technical Institute in Telecommunications and Acting Chief of Staff. He also served in the Presidential Escort Regiment, where he performed duties in the Intelligence Section, and also served as an instructor of Security and Protection of Dignitaries; Commander of the Presidential Security Detachment and Head of the Second Security Ring of the President of the Republic. In his service at the Army Command Headquarters, he served as head of the Data Processing Department, Head of the Communications and Electronics Division, Head of the Technology Department, Director of Army Information and Communication Technology, Head of the Army Research and Development Center. He was a designer of the Regulations of the R-17 School of Communications approved by the Commander in Chief, as well as the Advanced Electronic Warfare Course, also participating in the preparation of the curricular mesh of the Cybersecurity and Cyberdefense Program of the High School Institute. Strategic studies. He practiced Teaching, in the civil field, as a teacher of Secondary and university Education; and in the military field as an instructor at the Military College of Army Sub-Officers and teacher - methodology tutor at the Institute of Higher Strategic Studies where he was also Coordinator of the Master's Program and Academic Director. Regarding his academic training, he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Military Sciences, Bachelor's Degree in Educational Sciences, Professor of Guaraní Language and Culture, also having specializations in Educational Administration, Higher Didactics, Thesis Tutoring, Master's Degree in Military Operations, Master's Degree in Military Sciences , Master in National Strategic Planning and Management, Doctorate in Defense, Development and National Strategic Security. During his more than 30-year career in the Paraguayan Army, he was awarded several decorations and recognitions, national and foreign; civil and military awards in gratitude for his work, among them, the United Nations Medal of Honor, on two occasions, for relevant services provided in the Peace Mission in Ivory Coast, the Mareshall Tromposky Medal of Honor, awarded by the Army Brazilian, for his contribution to the Army Teaching, the Medal of Honor from the Institute of Higher Strategic Studies, the Medal of Honor from the Paraguayan Army and the Medal of Honor from the Communications Arm. Promoted to Brigadier General on December 31, 2022.