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The IADB celebrates the Hemispheric Cyber Defense Conference

The IADB celebrates the Hemispheric Cyber Defense Conference

On November 8, the Inter-American Defense Board (IDB) held the Hemispheric Cyber Defense Conference at the traditional and historic Casa del Soldado in Washington (USA), under the motto "Strengthening cyber shields: Towards hemispheric cooperation!" in digital defense!

Aimed at the general public and held in both in-person and virtual formats, the event was designed to stimulate the development of the hemispheric environment in the field of cyber defense at the highest level, in order to contribute to promoting opportunities and cooperation and interaction in the sector.

Recent events related to the cyber environment highlight the importance of ensuring the confidentiality, availability, integrity and authenticity of the data that travels through communications networks and their computerized systems, since non-compliance opens an enormous window to risks. of all kinds, capable of compromising, in the short term, the activities and regular functioning of companies and institutions and, in the longer term, even their existence.

In a challenging digital landscape that continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, the 2023 Hemispheric Cyber Defense Conference represented an intellectually stimulating and network-rich event, offering the ideal environment to explore innovative strategies and share ideas in the field of cybersecurity.

The Conference was inaugurated by Major General Richard J. Heitkamp of the United States Army, Director of the Inter-American Defense College, who highlighted the enormous challenge that the cyber enemy represents for free nations. «These are silent invasions that do not take into account sovereignty, borders or the law. "Cyber invasions completely undermine the foundations of trust in our institutions... that is why the response to cyber defense is the same as in 1942: trust in strong institutions, cooperation and joint work," he stated.

Brigadier Flávio Luiz de Oliveira Pinto, General Director of the IADB Secretariat, closed the Conference by highlighting the importance of cooperation between the countries of the continent to face and overcome the challenges imposed on the sector. «Cooperation was the key word throughout our event. Our objective was to stimulate the development, at the highest level, of the hemispheric environment in the field of cyber defense, to contribute to the promotion of opportunities, cooperation and interaction in the sector," he stated.

The Hemispheric Cyber Defense Conference was attended by 2,780 participants from 35 countries. The complete recording of the Conference can be found on the IADB page on YouTube: